February 24, 2011

water water on the seeds

to my left they rose and leaf 

to my right cross seven seas

fingers walk the darkness down

mind is on the midnight 

gather up the gold you've found 

you fool, it's only moonlight

February 23, 2011


sometimes i listen to the music my dad liked.

and it makes me sad. terribly sad.
but also it gives me comfort. warmth. 

because i know he's there.
even though we can't see each other.

February 22, 2011

three men stood in the clearing

staring at the wild white heron 

some glasses of wine and a pen 

what you take away you can't give back again 

draw me still 

February 19, 2011

schools in bulls

drab doo riffs

glass vaults

seth frightening/cancer

my disco


glass vaults (again!)


lawrence arabia

spring break


actually, it was too hard to pick on a favourite.
so, this has turned into a mass post of bands i enjoyed.

February 18, 2011

few 'o my favourites

parking lot experiments 


chelsea jade & james duncan

secret knives 

dear time's waste 




st. rupertsberg

sam hamilton

okay, so i am now making this post "part one" of my favourites from camp.
(favourite bands, that is. favourite photos can come in another post).

lil' joy

my disco at campus a low hum

when you were young

and your excitement showed 

but as time goes by 

does it outgrow 

is that the way things go 

forever reaching for the goal

February 15, 2011

campus a low hum

spent the better half of a week in bulls. 

where people party in a pool.

where people camp in a field under trees and stars.

where people invade stages and artists are hauled into the air.

thank you blink.
more photos to come.

February 9, 2011

the silence of ice at the borders of day

sun in my face will not keep them away 

sinking into the white of your room 

sky through the curtain, good things coming soon

existence, well what does it matter

i exist on the best terms i can 

the past is now part of my future 

the present is well out of hand 

- beautiful souls of the not-so-privileged in paris.
(lyrics: heart and soul - joy division)

February 7, 2011

we were sleeping 'till

you came along 

with your tiny heart 

you let us in the wooden house 

to share in all the wealth 

i was lucky enough to be able to photograph the st jerome's laneway festival.
both in auckland and wellington.
here are some photos from beach house's delightful set in wellington.