March 31, 2011

the cold heart will burst

if mistrusted first 

and a calm heart will break 

when given a shake

March 25, 2011

and if you won't let me run with it

we're on to your same old trick 

get up and run away with it

this city

backlog from december/january/february.
this is auckland.
can't make my mind up about that city.

March 24, 2011

take a walk in the park, take a valium pill

read the letter you got from the memory girl 

but it takes more than this to make sense of the day 

yeah, it takes more than milk to get rid of the taste

my moon

the moon my man. 

watched the moon-rise tonight.

beautiful, a bit temperamental

beautiful, only slightly mental 


March 15, 2011

in that day there's a moment when it all goes your way

and you know it's a lion's heart

that will tumble and tear apart

when he's coming down the hills for you


as a somewhat in-joke, this is a vegan cake.
no meat whatsoever.
isobel is great.
happy birthday mark.

March 8, 2011

have you ever seen the far side of a mountain

swallow the sky 

as you travel through the valley 

as you're speedin' still far behind

bleachin' your teeth, smiling flash

talking trash, under your breath 

bleachin' your teeth, smiling flash 

talking trash, under my window

March 6, 2011


here is a photo of die! die! die! 

haven't posted in a while. 
here is an update: 
- i moved into a new flat 
- uni started 

- i worked for vuwsa taking o-week photos 
- other things 

rolls of film to be developed. will keep you posted.