April 23, 2011

little visitor

the little cat that lives at my flat.
she is 23 years old. mildly senile.

a cross country miss

take direction, can’t connect it 

i’m afraid this is 

ten detected, nine in a wreck and 

a little jetty fight 

pattern evolving, motion insolvent 

something about this might 

take all evening 

i’ll just be cleaning 

this is a foreground

April 15, 2011

ever keep me

i don't have a hawk in my heart

procession moves on, the shouting is over

praise to the glory of loved ones now gone 

talking aloud as they sit round their table 

scattering flowers washed down by the rain

the body sways

like the wind on a swing 

a bridge through a hoop 

or a lake through a ring