September 29, 2011

fire burned and blew out flowers

showing me its comely powers 

still and all it would be hours 

before i would get burned

September 28, 2011

and at once i knew i was not magnificent

hulled far from the highway aisle 

jagged, vacance, thick with ice 

and i could see for miles, miles, miles

September 27, 2011

i believe

that we're both guilty of the same two things 

it's not a crime 

but it's not a fault that comes undone easy

September 25, 2011

your eyes staring up into space

looking at any place, but me 

and i, i don't know why you make me cry 

and i don't much care

September 16, 2011


look at some of the wonderful bands i have filmed lately.
i promise to update sometime soon with photos!

September 2, 2011

it snowed in wellington a couple of weeks ago.
i made this little video.